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Group of highly skilled professionals in the fields of taxation, legal, business advisory & other related services, all cohering to provide actionable solutions and the best course of actions to the challenges being faced by businesses, from one single integrated platform. 

Lahore Consulting Group
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At Lahore Consulting Group, we offer a spectrum of services from one single integrated platform. From legal to business advisory, discover limitless opportunities to overcome your business challenges.

Internal Audits

Forensic & investigative audits

Agreed upon procedures

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Your Business Companion in Every Challenge

Explore our website to delve deeper into how we can serve you. From our diverse services to insightful publications, discover how Lahore Consulting Group stands by your side through every business challenge.

Chamber of commerce registrations & renewal

NTN registration

Partnership firm

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General corporate & commercial matters
land related civil litigation
Intellectual property

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Income Tax Returns
Sales Tax Return
PRA, SRB, KPRA returns
Withholding Tax Statements

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Incorporation of companies
SECP filings
PSX listing
Corporate practices

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Business Advisory

Feasibility studies
Due Diligence reviews
Business valuation
Financial statements

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Rely on the collective wisdom and insights we’ve honed over years of service. Our experience across multiple sectors equips us to craft tailored solutions for your unique business challenges.


Trust is the cornerstone of our client relationships. With a track record of consistent, high-quality performance, Lahore Consulting Group is a partner you can depend on.


Your business’s security is our top priority. With stringent confidentiality practices and rigorous compliance standards, we ensure your information and interests are well protected.


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Lahore Consulting Group

Reach out to us and we're ready to assist you. With expertise and understanding, we are prepared to provide you with actionable solutions tailored to your business needs.


Incorporations / Registrations

Taxation, Legal & SECP

Business Advisory

Audit & Assurance


Information Tech.


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